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tallylibrarian wrote
at 05:07am on 06/07
Top 3 today!! Congrats lady!
vpoland wrote
at 09:39pm on 03/01
Happy to see you around! How are things going?
vpoland wrote
at 12:09am on 12/10
Congrats on #2 top tally yesterday!
Christine wrote
at 07:53am on 08/27
Happy Birthday!!
michelles wrote
at 08:58am on 01/17
Congrats for being on TOP!!!
tallylibrarian wrote
at 06:29am on 01/17
congratulations on being top three lady!!
skrapgirl wrote
at 11:06am on 08/27
Happy Birthday!
Msippi wrote
at 09:17am on 08/27
Happy Birthday!
ccoriginal wrote
at 11:14pm on 08/03
congrats top three yesterday
victoria wrote
at 09:26am on 08/03
Congrats on #3 yesterday!
TallyHo wrote
at 10:11pm on 07/15
LOVE the new avy!! It's adorable!!
bybullcreations wrote
at 07:57pm on 07/04
Your avie is adorable!
ccoriginal wrote
at 09:11am on 07/03
congrats #1 yesterday
ccoriginal wrote
at 03:56pm on 06/22
congrats #1 yesterday
bybullcreations wrote
at 01:39am on 06/22
Score baby!!! #1!!!!
bybullcreations wrote
at 04:59pm on 06/16
I'm back!!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 03:30pm on 06/08
LeahC wrote
at 07:03pm on 05/29
woohoo on lvl 17!!
sdafuze wrote
at 09:38am on 05/29
I wasn't critsizing your page, loved it...just trying to teach what I've know so it can be better, drop shadows add the deminsional element to a plag and make your items pop like the were real items just photographed...make adds a little shadow under each item for deminsion. What program are you using?
tallygentry wrote
at 06:18pm on 05/19
Thanks, Barb.. I'm gettin' there!
tallygentry wrote
at 11:07am on 05/13
Congrats! #2! You're the poop!
ccoriginal wrote
at 10:05am on 05/13
congrats #2 yesterday
bybullcreations wrote
at 09:07am on 05/13
Right back at ya babe!!
bybullcreations wrote
at 12:59pm on 05/12
Wanted to let you know that I would be late tomorrow, Gavin has an appt at 9 off of 10 so I'll be there after I take him back to school
createdmonster wrote
at 11:01am on 05/10
tallygentry wrote
at 09:29am on 05/10
Happy Mother's Day!
tallygentry wrote
at 03:03pm on 05/07
Thank you SOOOO much for everything yesterday! I had fun, and I am lucky to have you as a friend! :) PS Normally I am not a key lime fan, but you have made me really enjoy it! ;) so gooood!
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 12:54pm on 04/29
I am on the fence about any elctronic cutter nobody has really sold me on one yet.
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 10:47pm on 04/27
Wow since 2005 well the good thing is you saved money. I added up my receipts and lets just say I won't be doing any craft buying for about a year!!!
tallygentry wrote
at 04:56pm on 04/27
Congrats, #2!!!! :) Join my group! LOL
ccoriginal wrote
at 10:39am on 04/27
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 11:37pm on 04/26
Barb thought about you this weekend we had a 2 day stamp convention in town you would have been in heaven. There were so many vendors and great cards and make and takes. Oh and of course tons of stuff to buy .....which I did
TallyHo wrote
at 12:38am on 04/24
I know, I know!! lol I'm really sad I won't be able to do it!!
bybullcreations wrote
at 10:43pm on 04/23
rofl...........You know you love that LO!!! It was hysterical. You would've been laughing your butt off at me the whole day.... :-)
bybullcreations wrote
at 08:53am on 04/23
It was a surprise.....Thanks man!!
tallysmacker wrote
at 02:06pm on 04/12
Thank you! My blog is the way I stay in touch with my family; if the rest of the world read it, i'd be involuntarily committed. lol! I shall visit Vintage Flair ASAP. I do so love the vintage & you do it so well!
scrappychick wrote
at 09:33am on 04/12
Easter Pictures, Images and Photos
mykidsmom wrote
at 11:32am on 04/03
Thanks so much for explaining the whole spellbinders thing to me!
createdmonster wrote
at 11:36am on 03/22
Thanks for the avie compliment! An awesome tally friend sent it to me. ;0)
creativecupcake wrote
at 09:58am on 03/21
hi! To answer your question about the altered padded hanger. The button blossoms are covering the little clothes pins I glued to hold the LO to the hanger. : )
bybullcreations wrote
at 12:55am on 03/12
I'm totally jealous could've used some happy time today :-)
bybullcreations wrote
at 12:34am on 03/11
Loves ya man!!! :-)
tallygentry wrote
at 04:07pm on 03/10
cute new avatar! :)
bybullcreations wrote
at 12:26am on 03/10
That's what I'm worried about because that's the day before Easter....I'll ask Victoria if she realized that...
bybullcreations wrote
at 02:47pm on 03/09
I was really happy I got a few lo's done and a couple of cards done in addition to the few things I did on Friday :-) It was lot of fun....will definately have to do that first friday/sat is Easter though not sure if they're still going to do the crops with it being that weekend...we'll have to see!
bybullcreations wrote
at 02:42pm on 03/09
Consider that little cat made :-)
bybullcreations wrote
at 01:18pm on 03/09
I'm having so much fun playing with those little creations!! Thanks for the love man!!
createdmonster wrote
at 03:06pm on 03/01
Happy Crop Sunday!!
ScrapAddict21 wrote
at 02:09pm on 02/28
You are an awesome card designer.
scrapgirl wrote
at 11:52am on 02/28
happy crop day!!!
Nikki Z wrote
at 11:07am on 02/28
Just wanted to drop in and say "Hi" on this cyber crop Saturday! Hugs!
tallylibrarian wrote
at 10:26am on 02/23
Thank you Barbara for everything!
bybullcreations wrote
at 01:46pm on 02/19
Just getting used to what all I can do on here. Hoping to add some of my projects lately on here :-)
heatherpp2p wrote
at 09:44am on 02/18
Gave you max points on the MB today - RAK a day late! ;0)
heatherpp2p wrote
at 10:56am on 02/08
Hey - I got your invite but do I choose "no" I can't come and then it will give me a link to order on-line? I've replied to it yet cause I didn't see where it would let me place an order.
Diane110863 wrote
at 12:40am on 02/03
Thanks for the love and the points! Thank you!
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 10:26pm on 02/01
Good Luck with Spellbinders I hope you make it.!!!!!!
mindakms wrote
at 08:22pm on 02/01
I am weird, I so agree! I'll just have to send all my event scrapbook photos off to you to fix up for me!
mindakms wrote
at 03:01pm on 02/01
truthfully it WAS super hard and horrible for me, isn't that weird? But its over, so that is good!
victoriangirl wrote
at 07:03am on 02/01
I am so excited for you that you are 12 pounds down..That one piece of pizza and one glass of wine will NOT make a difference. Yes we need to indulge every now and then..I am finding that it is just moderation that I had sometimes have a problem with...
mindakms wrote
at 08:25pm on 01/30
where is your coaster card, I wanna see it, and I couldn't find it!
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 01:32pm on 01/27
they posted winners on their blog
ccoriginal wrote
at 03:07pm on 01/26
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 12:06am on 01/26
Yep did all of them and won NADDA ,NUTTIN,ZIPPO LOL!! I would love to find time to do the design team challenge that would be great to be on their DT. Good luck
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 01:45am on 01/25
Yes !!! I want all 28 of the new nesties coming out.
moon16 wrote
at 03:40pm on 01/23
cant wait to meet you in july!
ScrappyDoo2u wrote
at 10:43am on 01/22
oh that would be awesome to have a new book. I'm certain I'll be placing w/ya. The lady I used to order from far enough away that driving wasn't an option, so she'd mail me my order ... I paid the shipping costs. It was a great relationship til she quit.

One thing that you might do (something she did) was had a swap group. How it worked was.......
She had people sign up ....... SIX total.
Each month everyone in the swap would place a minimum of $25 order.
Each month a different person was designated the hostess and would be the one to get the bonus gift (she had the list announced on day one so everyone would be aware ahead of time of their month).

In short ... the orders came to her .. she didn't have to fish for them. She met quota AND everyone got goodies. It might work well for you here on tally. Just a thought.
ScrappyDoo2u wrote
at 10:00am on 01/21
When you get set up ...... Id love a catalog .... I buy lots of CTMH and my gal I used to use out here quit!!!
ScrappyDoo2u wrote
at 11:29am on 01/20
Any images you wanna swap will be great .... especially if boyish, animals OR holiday (easter, thanksgiving, christmas or even snow themed).

How many do you want????
FirstLadyofMant wrote
at 11:29am on 01/16
Thanks so much for the love, you're so sweet!
LeahC wrote
at 11:07am on 01/14
it's really pretty, love all your cards in the gallery!
LeahC wrote
at 08:24am on 01/12
scraps4two wrote
at 09:48pm on 01/11
HI! yeah, I haven't been around is hectic! gonna try to come to Texas...hubby says go for it...but I'm terrified of flying! :)
victoriangirl wrote
at 02:07pm on 01/11
LOL ...I have never made a card...but one of my goals is to make ALL my cards this year. I have five birthdays and valentines day in February so I promise you will see some soon. I need to go buy some card making items....
createdmonster wrote
at 07:38am on 01/11
Thanks for giving the roast recipe a go even though my picture looked gross! lol Glad you liked it! :0)
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