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Okay ladies!!

With the Olympics almost over it is time to start the Olympic sign-ups!

Every Thursday a new challenge will be issued to create a scrapbook page. Digital scrapbookers are welcome. These challenges will come from manufacturers or some of your favorite inspirational women. Each week there will be a discounted brand to help you get your scrap on. This will only be open to those in the Survivor club.

It will run for the duration of the Survivor Gabon show. I think it'll end sometime in December?

You must follow the challenge to the T. Just like in the Olympics. Prizes will be rewarded after you've done 4 consecutive challenges.

Challenges will go up on Thursday and end the following Wednesday.
Challenges will start on September 25th and no sign-ups will be taken after October 9th.
There will no consecutive winners until we have cycled through everyone. Just like in the Olympics.
09/12/08 at 05:44 am UTC
Christine - latest uploads...

Nikki Z
I'm in!!!! 
20 | 09/12 at 05:45 am UTC | reply
Nikki Z - latest uploads...
I'm in!  I don't watch survivor, nor do I really know the premise of the show. Is that ok?
10 | 09/12 at 05:55 am UTC | reply
TallyChef - latest uploads...
10 | 09/12 at 06:07 am UTC | reply
ccoriginal - latest uploads...
I am all in....I will be in Asia on business from 10/1 to 10/11 and will not be able to do anything during that time...will I be abel to make up (by doing two layouts) like with the Olympics??
09/12 at 06:07 am UTC | reply
victoriangirl - latest uploads...
I'm in.
09/12 at 06:10 am UTC | reply
createdmonster - latest uploads...

I'm in too.  Love challenges!
09/12 at 06:13 am UTC | reply
kat - latest uploads...
I'm in too!
09/12 at 06:13 am UTC | reply
ScrapAddict21 - latest uploads...

I am in.  I loved the Olympic challenges.  They were a lot of fun!
09/12 at 06:21 am UTC | reply
Msippi - latest uploads...
09/12 at 06:34 am UTC | reply
skrapgirl - latest uploads...

me please!

09/12 at 06:35 am UTC | reply
michelles - latest uploads...
Also wondering the answer to Susan's (victoriangirl's) question...
Things might get a little busy for me in October, but I still would like to try and play....  

And, Woo Hoo, HARDCORE!!
09/12 at 06:38 am UTC | reply
SBConspiracy - latest uploads...
I'm in.
09/12 at 06:56 am UTC | reply
cbreecher - latest uploads...
Me, please!
09/12 at 07:02 am UTC | reply
FirstLadyofMant - latest uploads...
if you will be given an assignment. we can't make you do a challenge you'll already be required to do. so it may be a photo assignment, a tally blog tutorial assignment, it may be giving out all of your points in one day.

we'll think of something.

it may even be a scrapbook page assignment. but you will be doing something!

and if you know ahead of time you can let us know and we'll give you your homework early. =)
09/12 at 07:04 am UTC | reply
Christine - latest uploads...
09/12 at 07:13 am UTC | reply
kay_bear52 - latest uploads...

me! me! I am in !!

so cant wait for the show to start!!

09/12 at 07:34 am UTC | reply
Vannasmom - latest uploads...

I'm in!  I will be on vacation the week it starts, but I think I can get it done before the deadline once I"m back!  Heck, I'll take some supplies to NJ with me probably anyway and get check in with you guys.  Just can't upload until I'm home.
09/12 at 07:36 am UTC | reply
JanS - latest uploads...
I'd like to play please
09/12 at 07:45 am UTC | reply
Kimmie0270 - latest uploads...
me sign me up
09/12 at 07:55 am UTC | reply
scrappychick - latest uploads...
I think I am going to sign up for this.. Not sure Ill make every week, but this sounds like to much fun to miss out!
09/12 at 07:58 am UTC | reply
Scrapthatpaper - latest uploads...


add me please :)
09/12 at 07:59 am UTC | reply
Tami - latest uploads...

Ooh, I think I really want to sign up again for this.  I really enjoy the Olympic challenges and the motivation it gave me!

There may be a period of a week or so that I may struggle with during the move, but I'll persevere!

09/12 at 08:07 am UTC | reply
scrappinchic25 - latest uploads...

ack! ok. you twisted my arm. I'm in.
09/12 at 08:08 am UTC | reply
Lefa - latest uploads...
You know I am IN!!
09/12 at 08:52 am UTC | reply
{Shirley} - latest uploads...
09/12 at 09:26 am UTC | reply
tallywacker - latest uploads...

I'm game.

Need to keep my mind off my DD at college having a good time LOL!


09/12 at 10:03 am UTC | reply
ArtGirl1 - latest uploads...

I would also like to participate.
09/12 at 10:30 am UTC | reply
Kate - latest uploads...
Count me in, baby!!!!!
09/12 at 10:49 am UTC | reply
nancy_scraps - latest uploads...
ME, of course ;o)
09/12 at 11:05 am UTC | reply
Laurajean - latest uploads...

Ummmm...hello?  Count me in, lady!!!
09/12 at 11:24 am UTC | reply
gab423 - latest uploads...
its crazy talk to take this one during the season of lisa having a baby and erin getting married, but BRING IT SISTER!
09/12 at 11:38 am UTC | reply
mindakms - latest uploads...

me!!  :) 

oh yes and i....i will survive.....oh as long as i know how to love, i know i'll stay alive....

oh sorry, i tend to break into song without warning.


can't wait!

09/12 at 11:44 am UTC | reply
hidilley - latest uploads...
Sign me up!
09/12 at 12:58 pm UTC | reply
lesleyrose - latest uploads...
Whoot, whoot!! LOVE the Survivor challenges! It was a year ago when I joined Tally and started Survivor.......ah, memories.....
09/12 at 01:17 pm UTC | reply
latte_grande - latest uploads...
I will try!
09/12 at 01:39 pm UTC | reply
momsusie - latest uploads...

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BACK!

09/12 at 04:15 pm UTC | reply
pinkiemarie - latest uploads...
i am in!
09/12 at 07:44 pm UTC | reply
scrappiesmom - latest uploads...

I'm so excited.  I was so sad the TallyOlympics was over.
09/12 at 11:56 pm UTC | reply
LadyMissSusan - latest uploads...

I am totally in... and... I will try not to default!!!  :)
09/13 at 12:51 am UTC | reply
dawnt - latest uploads...
sign me up
09/13 at 05:27 am UTC | reply
bre21ann - latest uploads...
YAY Sign me up!!
09/13 at 07:56 am UTC | reply
juliescraps - latest uploads...
Sign me up! I'm in!
09/13 at 08:22 am UTC | reply
cropalicious - latest uploads...

sign me up PLEASE!
09/13 at 09:07 am UTC | reply
AshleyS - latest uploads...
Please add me! We'll be all moved in by then!
09/13 at 09:32 am UTC | reply
suzuyuki - latest uploads...

Patti H
I would love to play too!!
09/13 at 03:28 pm UTC | reply
Patti H - latest uploads...

sign me up!!!!


I'll be on vacation visiting the new grandbaby october 25th to Nov 1....

09/13 at 05:58 pm UTC | reply
Tqmnurse - latest uploads...

Count me in!
09/13 at 06:28 pm UTC | reply
LeahC - latest uploads...
I"m in!
09/13 at 10:09 pm UTC | reply
kacarr61 - latest uploads...

Count me in too!
09/14 at 09:50 am UTC | reply
yenny - latest uploads...
I'm in!
09/14 at 11:41 am UTC | reply
randrolson - latest uploads...

put me in coach! 
09/14 at 02:37 pm UTC | reply
Shan - latest uploads...
I would like to join.  Now that I am back from vaction and my mom is back to work life is back to normal.
09/14 at 03:56 pm UTC | reply
jlkeith18 - latest uploads...
oh yea count me in!!!
09/15 at 05:43 am UTC | reply
jenn11089 - latest uploads...
I'll play. I know where all my scrappy stuff is now and we have no vacations planned. So I think I'm good!
09/15 at 10:27 am UTC | reply
howieann - latest uploads...
Sign me up please! 
09/16 at 12:09 pm UTC | reply
cpeezers - latest uploads...
Sign me up please!!!!
09/19 at 04:36 pm UTC | reply
cropalicious - latest uploads...
ok , i think i signed up , but i donthave a pretty thing under my name , so please sign me up:)
09/22 at 06:04 am UTC | reply
Vannasmom - latest uploads...
hey sign up you must join the group!
i can't do it for you. groups in the black bar. see the survivor gabon. hit join group. thanks!
09/22 at 06:13 am UTC | reply
Christine - latest uploads...

Is it too late to sign up? I need to get back in the game!

PS - Vannasmom, your avvy is slammin' hot!!!!
09/25 at 02:44 pm UTC | reply
mrsdort - latest uploads...
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