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Spend time with someone (not family) who has passed on, who would it be?
12/09/10 at 07:24 am EST
Little Windy - latest uploads...
Ronald Reagan 
12/09 at 07:48 am EST | reply
Pinky - latest uploads...
hmmmm....that's a great question...I'm not sure...maybe Princess Diana???  and i know you said not family, but if I could spend time with someone in my family who passed away, it would be my brother, who died when he was 3 and i was 7....we were obviously too young and just didn't have a chance to know each other....i'd love to know how he would have turned out if he was still with us...
12/09 at 11:33 am EST | reply
Nikki Z - latest uploads...
I know what you mean. My first instinct was my mom. Then my mom ans dad. Then my grandmom. So I made it not family. My first thought was Diana. Then I thought Elvis, John Kennedy, John Lennon, Mother Theresa...
12/09 at 12:10 pm EST | reply
Little Windy - latest uploads...
Great answers everyone!

I would have to say...
I would spend time with my friend Corey who killed himself in Dec. of 2006. He was 23 years old... I am his age now... I miss him a lot.

I did have a dream about him shortly after he killed himself though, where he and I hung out and rode 4 wheelers. haha. It was sort of like, a conclusion that helped me with his passing. In my dream he hugged and said good bye and all that stuff. It was nice, but I still wish that he was here!
12/09 at 09:21 pm EST | reply
a1rose - latest uploads...
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