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TallyBoard | | newbie from new zealand 250
hello Tally peeps, my name is Kerri. 33yrs old soon (ish).. I'm a mom of 3 kidlets from New Zealand , engaged to my scrap widow David & I love scrapbooking & card making, can't wait to have a proper look around . I've heard about this site from Pinky &  Lizzie if i go loopy, i now can shift the blame LOL
05/23/11 at 05:37 pm UTC
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...

Hi Kerri and welcome to Tally !! Pinky & Lizzie are awesome glad you came to check us out! looking forward to seeing your work!


05/23 at 05:48 pm UTC | reply
michelles - latest uploads...
welcome to Tally Kerri!!
05/23 at 05:51 pm UTC | reply
Herhighness68 - latest uploads...
thanks for the welcome ladies, i'm soo lost i don't know where to start, but i think i can get the hang of it soon....
1 | 05/23 at 05:57 pm UTC | reply
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...

hi there - and welcome :)
05/23 at 07:03 pm UTC | reply
Bree - latest uploads...
Welcome to Tally Kerri :)
05/23 at 07:03 pm UTC | reply
Laurajean - latest uploads...

YAY kerri!
you will LOVE it here!
it takes a few good hours of looking around to get what goes on here... but you figure it out you will LOVE it!
there are a few links that are sticky that will help you out on how the site and points and things work!
yay!  so happy you came here to stalk... urrr i mean play with me! hahahahaaaaaa
1 | 05/23 at 07:05 pm UTC | reply
lizzie - latest uploads...
always find ways to stalk you miss Lizzie, you should know that by off to play....
05/23 at 07:37 pm UTC | reply
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...

So nice to meet you Kerri.. welcome to Tally :)  We have a new contest starting soon, you should read about it on the blog, and then come sign up on the message board.
05/23 at 07:59 pm UTC | reply
LeahC - latest uploads...
Off to read the blog , i'm always up for a challenge...
05/23 at 08:50 pm UTC | reply
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...
Hi Kerri, welcome to Tally.  This is a great place to be!
05/23 at 09:01 pm UTC | reply
ScrappinGrammaD - latest uploads...

Welcome to Tally, Kerri!
05/23 at 09:10 pm UTC | reply
Msippi - latest uploads...

05/24 at 07:11 am UTC | reply
jb - latest uploads...
Welcome to Tally!  You have found the BEST site in scrapbooking!  Get yourself a kit!  They are FAB and packed FULL of goodies!
05/24 at 07:33 am UTC | reply
rajah1116 - latest uploads...

What do you call scrapbooking in New Zealand? Oh. You call it scrapbooking? Well then. :-) Welcome to Tally! It's the happiest place on earth. Yes, even happier than Disneyland because you don't have to pay $6 for a bottle of water on Tally!

I'm off to check out your gallery. Points points points! :-) Welcome!


Lol I went to give you points and your gallery is empty. There's nothin' sadder than an empty gallery, girl! You gonna upload some of your shizz soon? Don't make me beg 'cuz I'll totally do it. :-)

05/24 at 10:45 am UTC | reply
tallysmacker - latest uploads...

Welcome aboard!
05/24 at 12:18 pm UTC | reply
Pinky - latest uploads...
Hi there and welcome!! :)
05/24 at 02:27 pm UTC | reply
valerieb - latest uploads...
nothing beats a sad quiet gallery , but who am i to stop a beggar ? LOL i aim to start up some of the LEO challenges so my gallery can brighten up a little bit
05/24 at 05:25 pm UTC | reply
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...

Nikki Z
Welcome aboard girl!  You'll love it here! 
05/24 at 07:30 pm UTC | reply
Nikki Z - latest uploads...

Hi Kerri!
06/17 at 02:16 pm UTC | reply
Welcome to the nicest place ever!  Glad you joined our TOP SECRET CLUB!
06/17 at 06:12 pm UTC | reply
polkacabana - latest uploads...
wooot , i love secrets :)
06/17 at 07:00 pm UTC | reply
sexymummie2005 - latest uploads...
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