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TallyBoard | Everyday Stuff | Dental Emergency
Yesterday I had one. Called my dentist office at 3 and by 3:30 I was sitting in the chair. I had a bad abcess. He cleaned it out and did a root canal. Last night at 7:30 Lance (my dentist) called to see how I was feeling. I had some pain, so he called me in some pain meds. I am so thankful to have such a caring young man for my dentist. When I was in high school, his dad was my dentist.
06/29/11 at 08:45 am EDT
Little Windy - latest uploads...
Sorry you had the emergency but glad you have such a caring dentist.
06/29 at 09:01 am EDT | reply
ScrappinGrammaD - latest uploads...
Oh man how scary, I hate dental issues. Glad it was a decent experience.
06/29 at 11:28 am EDT | reply
Pinky - latest uploads...
I agree!  Scary!  I have heard of those root canals, i hope to never meet one:)  
06/29 at 11:36 am EDT | reply
polkacabana - latest uploads...
That's awesome!  well, not the abcess and the root the exceptional care!  You don't see that very often anymore.  I had 2 teeth pulled in the fall and my dentist knew I was not about going to the dentist at all and that i was very nervous.  He called me later that night as well...I thought that was so sweet of him.  Our dentists that we have are for sure going to get return trips from us!  :)
06/29 at 07:06 pm EDT | reply
Nikki Z - latest uploads...
I HATE the dentist, glad you are feeling abit better>
06/29 at 07:50 pm EDT | reply
Laurajean - latest uploads...
oh yuck!! So glad you have a great caring dentist

Im terrified of the dentist thanks to a not so caring dentist when I was about 10
06/30 at 01:28 am EDT | reply
Herhighness68 - latest uploads...
Sorry about the ouchies, but soooo nice to hear that there are professionals out there that really do care about their patients!!
06/30 at 07:52 am EDT | reply
jb - latest uploads...
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