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blairstreetgirl wrote
at 07:25pm on 03/31
Hey Windy!It's been so long! I just saw your post from February when I signed on. I'm just now getting back to scrapping myself and I suffer from the same "issues" so I guess we are kindred spirits. I'm going to be looking for you in the galleries! I haven't posted yet. Take care!
Pinky wrote
at 08:04pm on 01/05
Since Brandy has moved on they were looking for someone to take over and do orders, ship items from their home etc....
I was asked if I was interested and I said yes. Now we are waiting on the owner to decide if she is going to keep it open and have me do kits/store or if it will close. Will keep you all posted as we find out more.

I know you all are asking and wondering what is going on...I understand your frustration that is why I am being honest with you. We will find out asap.
Pinky wrote
at 04:50am on 10/17
No way Your first?!!! * shock*
Msippi wrote
at 01:18pm on 07/29
Love your new photo! Glad to see you back active on Tally.
jcluvs2scrap wrote
at 04:07am on 07/18
Thank you for the b-day wishes!!
Laurajean wrote
at 11:31pm on 07/12
Msippi wrote
at 04:19pm on 07/12
Happy Birthday!!
Nikki Z wrote
at 12:29am on 06/17
hehehehe.....I about wet my pants watching these guys too! LOL! glad she had fun with the pics!
ScrapHappens wrote
at 04:14am on 07/15
Thank you for the nice comment on my red panda chair. :)
Msippi wrote
at 10:31pm on 07/12
Happy Birthday to you!
ccoriginal wrote
at 05:54am on 06/19
victoriangirl wrote
at 11:09pm on 03/16
#1...I am so excited for you!!!!
Teenyterrors wrote
at 11:03pm on 03/16
congrats on #1!!!!
bybullcreations wrote
at 07:29pm on 03/16
Congrats on #1 yesterday :-)
skrapgirl wrote
at 12:09pm on 03/16
Congrats on #1 yesterday!
Tara Scrapper wrote
at 09:10pm on 03/07
Hey Kathy, Glen and I stopped by today but you were out. Hope you don't mind I used the computer for awhile. Also stopped in at Tally to give you some points. Have a great weekend. Tara
tinkascrapper wrote
at 07:13pm on 03/06
Hi Sis, Thanks for letting me use the computer today. Of course, I gave you points! I really enjoyed looking around the site. When I live next door, I will be over everyday. Love ya, Tinka
ArtGirl1 wrote
at 11:44pm on 11/16
Congratulations on being Top Tally yesterday.
michelles wrote
at 02:48pm on 11/16
Congrats on Top Tally!
ccoriginal wrote
at 01:04pm on 11/16
Msippi wrote
at 02:12am on 10/12
Hi! Tallysis. What are you doing this weekend. Hope it is great!
Msippi wrote
at 07:02pm on 10/04
I am having a great weekend! Thank you. I just had lunch with Joan {raisingalexis}. She is such a sweet person. Tomorrow DH and I are going to the Colts/Teaxans game. Hope your weekend is great also.
Msippi wrote
at 04:04pm on 10/01
Congrats on winning the photo challenge!
muffyvan wrote
at 03:25am on 09/30
Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)
Lisa wrote
at 12:09am on 09/30
I would love nothing more either.. I am going to have to win lotto then come over and do a national holiday of the states and stay with everyone.. lmfao
ScrappyDoo2u wrote
at 04:11pm on 09/29
stopping in to let you know that I have received your stamped images. There are still a few that I haven't received from others yet, but when the last one comes in .... I'll be mailing them back out. Will let you know when I do!
victoriangirl wrote
at 09:18am on 09/29
Kathy...Congrats on your photo challenge win...How cool!!
Lisa wrote
at 02:58pm on 09/28
Kathy I am holding you to it.. come on the bed is made and ready for you to come rescue me.. lmfao.. hope you are having a lovely day.
victoriangirl wrote
at 10:19pm on 09/22
Hi Kathy...I just returned home..Hope it has been a great to you on Tuesday!
rgriff142 wrote
at 10:14pm on 09/21
we just moved from the poconos to phillipsburg NJ, are u in pa?
Pinky wrote
at 02:37pm on 09/21
I tell you what? If you send me your address i will send you a set of two flowers! (:
Nikki Z wrote
at 11:29am on 09/21
JanS wrote
at 07:06pm on 09/18 Maybe I had a typo? You can send it via tallymail if you want, too. : )
TallyHo wrote
at 06:10pm on 09/15
LOVE your new profile photo!!
navyaowife2005 wrote
at 01:56am on 09/12
Thanks for the comment and points on my I Love LO!
mama_in_pajamas wrote
at 05:39pm on 09/09
I just wrapped mine up in a lot of bubble wrap, stuffed the box with more bubble wrap and mailed it regular mail. It arrived without a problem. You might be able to find a cute plastic jar, and then you wouldn't have to worry about mailing glass!
victoriangirl wrote
at 11:53am on 09/09
Is the bus button a flat button or did you have to take the loop off?
victoriangirl wrote
at 02:39am on 08/20
I collect Nativities too!!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 04:09pm on 08/13
Wow, tell the girls thanks for me! That put me over 20,000! Are you guys down the beach now?
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:48pm on 08/12
I'll email you the pics of Paul, then you can do your own page! Love ya
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:47pm on 08/12
Hey Kath....great to see you back!! I guess you're getting ready to go back to the beach again. I'm still not used to seeing your lights on late at night when I drive by.
skrapgirl wrote
at 11:59pm on 07/17
Thank you!! I actually couldn't really think of a title...."little miss attitude" maybe?? LOL!! I'm so glad you got the will really enjoy it!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 05:52pm on 07/12
Happy Birthday Kath!! I tried to call you a couple times today, but didn't get through. I guess you guys are out on the boat. Hope you enjoy your special day! Love ya!!
skrapgirl wrote
at 02:32pm on 07/12

Happy Birthday!!
brewgirlmel wrote
at 02:10pm on 07/04
Thanks for the friend request and for all the gallery luv. That is plastic canvas on my *relax* layout. I love using that on layouts.
Chelle wrote
at 12:48pm on 06/24
Thanks for the warm wecome!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 04:20pm on 06/23
Thanks Kath! I saw Louise's new pool. We should have a girls night swim (after dark...LOL) That would be fun!
inkster wrote
at 04:25pm on 06/22
thank you!!:D
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:28pm on 06/17
Hi Kath...I was looking at it, but didn't want to join cause I don't think I'll have the money...bummer, it looks like fun....did you join?
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:10am on 06/17
Kath, congrats on being one of the top winners!!
scrapnhappy wrote
at 12:38pm on 06/16
CONGRATS on being in the top winners!~!!!!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 10:52am on 06/16
congrats on being #2 yesterday
my_3_reasons wrote
at 01:33am on 06/11
lol no I wont be upset if our craft room look like twins!! Im flattered you like my system! =0D
victoriangirl wrote
at 11:49am on 06/03
Hi there..Just a reminder of your May Goals..I have posted a May Goal Girls thread for you to post how you are doing with them as well as a June Goal thread for you to share your June Goals...Love..Susan
Get the trailer ready for company.

Keep on walking.

Spend more quality time with my DH.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:50pm on 06/02
Kath....congrats on winning the giveaway!!

wanna go walking tonite? i'll be back around 8:30.
mrsdort wrote
at 01:07am on 06/02
You're so sweet, thanks for the compliment on my overlay layout :)
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:50am on 05/26
My dad was good. He loved the food and ate everything!! I was glad to see him eat a good meal. I think tomorrow that I'm gonna just relax and not do anything. The picnic was was great to be together with everyone!!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:39pm on 05/21
Hey Kath....just been busy around the house....haven't even been on the computer at all since we got back from the beach. Looking forward to the long weekend. Have off Fri & Mon :)
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:55pm on 05/14
How does it look? What color did she paint it?
SueScraps2 wrote
at 12:09pm on 05/14
Yes, I'm excited too!! I'm getting stuff ready also. Will bring the cuttlebug and the embossing folders. I called you last night but Paul said you went over Louise's house.
suzuyuki wrote
at 03:50pm on 05/11
Have a fabulous Mother's Day!
Tara Scrapper wrote
at 10:21am on 05/09
I am back on. We will be there soon with Kate.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:14am on 05/09
Hey Kath, the party was so much fun!! We danced the whole time. Franny was so surprised. Her whole family was able to attend, it was great. She loved the scrapbooks, and cried over some of the pages. Of course, my camera stinks. My pics all came out dark....bummer :(
kay_bear52 wrote
at 09:21pm on 05/06
thank you so much!
ScrapAddict21 wrote
at 05:44pm on 05/06
Thanks for the congratulations! I had to fibure out what it was for. LOL I didn't even know you could win something by having the most points.
gab423 wrote
at 01:25pm on 05/06
Thank you! I was completely surprise when I woke up this morning! :)
TallyHo wrote
at 03:18pm on 05/05
Thank you!!! It was a nice pick me up today!! Kinda feels weird to see my face in that spot!
Christine wrote
at 11:11pm on 05/03
you won a paper line! tallymail me!
ScrappyDoo2u wrote
at 07:36pm on 04/28
Thanks for visting my spot. My doggie that passed recently was 7.5 yrs and my new doberman pup is 12 weeks going oin 13.
juliescraps wrote
at 11:29am on 04/28
No word yet, isn't that CRAZY!! I called again on Friday she said ONE of the Dr's would call me today.
rajah1116 wrote
at 10:44am on 04/28
Thank you! I wish I were feeling better, but on top of all the pain I now have allergies....ughhhh
ccoriginal wrote
at 07:15pm on 04/25
mindakms wrote
at 06:00pm on 04/24
actually its TallyHO that does the worm thing. She'd love to tell you about it though, she is so proud of it and it works great for her!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 08:19pm on 04/23
Thanks for your thoughts, Windy! He's had a few near fainting spells, but today says he has more energy. Hope he has turned a corner. (he still won't follow the docs orders, though!)
TallyHo wrote
at 01:39am on 04/23
You're very welcome!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 03:36am on 04/22
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:49pm on 04/21
Kath, Kristin & I took the boys to Rehoboth on Saturday. I wish I would have known that you guys were at the beach, we could've stopped in.
victoriangirl wrote
at 01:47pm on 04/20
Congrats on being in the top three yesterday!!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 12:16pm on 04/20
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:21am on 04/20
Hey Kath....did you find a camera??
lbettis wrote
at 05:57pm on 04/18
You're welcome. I see you're an early riser too. I get so much done in the early a.m. Have a good day.
TallyHo wrote
at 05:00pm on 04/17
HERE is one!! It's better than mine... more options, higher MP and less money! $279.00 is too high.
lbettis wrote
at 10:19am on 04/17
Like your new avatar
TallyHo wrote
at 09:50pm on 04/16
I should mention also, that mine is about 4 (maybe more) years old, and they have newer, better ones for the same price or LESS than mine, AND I think they weigh less.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 04:02pm on 04/16
Hey Kath, Ali won...Yeah!!! Finally a girl won!! I don't know if cherie checked her email or not. I dont' think while I was there, cause we were watching the show.
TallyHo wrote
at 03:07pm on 04/16
It's not heavy AT ALL... it's about 4X4 ish in size and about 13oz.
kix wrote
at 01:34pm on 04/16
Thank-you! And congrats to you too!
JanS wrote
at 01:32pm on 04/16
Thanks! That was a fun challenge!
LeahC wrote
at 12:42pm on 04/16
Thank you sweetie. WTG on your win!
victoriangirl wrote
at 12:17pm on 04/16
Congrats on your win on Jazz it up! I love your layout!
ccoriginal wrote
at 11:16am on 04/16
congrats on your win
SueScraps2 wrote
at 10:56pm on 04/15
Woo Hoo....30,000....that's some chattin & scrappin!!
Christine wrote
at 04:39pm on 04/15
ccoriginal wrote
at 02:47pm on 04/15
juliescraps wrote
at 12:41pm on 04/15
Thank you so much for asking! We are still waiting to hear from the neurologist.
momsusie wrote
at 08:43pm on 04/14
My bad...just realized what you were talking about...I will email you it.
momsusie wrote
at 08:41pm on 04/14
HInt on the price for??
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:56pm on 04/14
Hi Kath! I still have a sore throat and cold. I'd rather be home in bed, but I'll rest up some when I get home. How is your day going?
ethan wrote
at 03:11pm on 04/14
I'm still waiting to hear back from the roofer I thought I had an appointment with. Otherwise, all is well! The neighborhood is still cleaning up.
rajah1116 wrote
at 12:38pm on 04/14
Hi Windy! Nope, no one was able to recover my pics, they seem to be lost for good, thanks for asking though!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 03:52pm on 04/13
Thanks for the tally love! Very cool and the "love" is definitely needed! LOL
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 03:32pm on 04/13
Hi, Windy! Dad is up and around and pushing himself way too hard. I have to come to terms with that. Otherwise, all is well! How are you?
SueScraps2 wrote
at 11:34pm on 04/12
Hi Kath, how was your day? I see you got some pages done. I'm keeping Anthony overnight, so no scrapping for me. The party was fun last night, I think everyone had a great time!
lbettis wrote
at 12:21pm on 04/12
Have a great weekend.
ccoriginal wrote
at 11:38am on 04/12
SueScraps2 wrote
at 04:46pm on 04/07
Hey Kath...I see you are making Broccoli and Cheddar soup. What time is dinner??...LOL
my_3_reasons wrote
at 01:28pm on 04/07
Yes please do & your very welcome! =0)
ccoriginal wrote
at 10:24pm on 04/06
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 01:46pm on 04/06
HI, Windy! I wish we could have been at the convention, too! I took my father home yesterday, and he is doing pretty well so far. He has some pretty strict restrictions in terms of activity and driving - especially for the next 2 weeks. He still wants to keep the apartment he has, so we are going to wait and see if he can live on his own. Thanks so much for the thoughts and the prayers. Are you still pain free?
ccoriginal wrote
at 10:55pm on 04/04
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:45pm on 04/04
Hey Kath, glad to hear you are feeling better. I am too. The car is in the shop getting ready for us to go tomorrow!!
Lefa wrote
at 02:50pm on 04/04
Happy Friday!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 02:20pm on 04/03
Hi, Windy. thanks for the prayers - my dad needs them. He definitely had a heart attack and he's down to 10
% blood flow in his major arteries; the stints they put in a few years ago are shot and his other arteries are 60-80% clogged. They are sayiing additonal stints are not an option and I'll find out today if they are going to recommend another coronary bypass (he had one in 1977) but I doubt it. Thanks so much for staying in touch on this. I really appreciate it more than you can imagine.
How are you? Hope your are still pain free and that the stomach bug has passed! Thnking of you....
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:05am on 04/03
Hey Kath, how are you feeling today? I had to babysit again, I'm beat. We lost our electric last night and it didn't come back on until 7 am this morning.
cpeezers wrote
at 04:02am on 04/02
No - thank you for sharing that great story about your son. What a treasure that layout will always be for you!
Laurajean wrote
at 01:34am on 04/02
Awww, thank you so much for the nice comments on my layouts and for the support on the DT...means alot to me :o)
SueScraps2 wrote
at 01:28am on 04/02
Hey Kath, sorry to hear that you have a bug. I know you'll feel better by Sat....LOL
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 12:01am on 04/02
Hi, Windy! Sorry to hear you have the flu. I've heard it's pretty rough this year. The pain seems to be getting worse, unfortunately. I may have some xrays or MRIs in my future I'm afraid!
rajah1116 wrote
at 07:38pm on 04/01
Thanks Windy! I am not worrked, the ladies that won are all really really really super talented and they all deserve it!
JanS wrote
at 02:13pm on 03/31
lbettis wrote
at 11:33am on 03/31
Good morning. Have a wonderful day.
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 03:06am on 03/31
Thanks for the points! I'm over 10,000 now thanks to y ou!
rajah1116 wrote
at 01:03am on 03/31
Thanks chick....come to the crop in Hershey next month! My Mom and I would love to meet you guys irl!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 04:11pm on 03/30
Hey, Windy. Is Hershey too far for you and Sue to travel? Their crops are great fun, they've got some prizes, 15% off at the store for the day, breakfast and dinner provided for like $35/person. Rajah and I went yesterday and had great fun!
my_3_reasons wrote
at 08:30am on 03/30
congrats Top Tally point earner!!
kristiejow wrote
at 07:17am on 03/30
Did the epi help your back??
MadStrawberry wrote
at 12:23pm on 03/29
no bother............if you would like to see teh card, just look in my gallery stuff.
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 01:45am on 03/29
Thanks again. You are so generous!
MadStrawberry wrote
at 12:41am on 03/29
I did a coffin card.............not sure what you could do for a tombstone but let me see if I can find something !!!!!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 12:22am on 03/29
Thanks, Windy!
my_3_reasons wrote
at 09:56pm on 03/28
Congrats on being a Top Tally point earner!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 06:10pm on 03/28
kristiejow wrote
at 03:33pm on 03/28
I hope that it goes well!! I said a prayer for you. Eat something good when you can!!!
Vannasmom wrote
at 03:13pm on 03/28
you are so very welcome! glad to get you there!
ccoriginal wrote
at 02:47pm on 03/28
Little Windy wrote
at 01:38pm on 03/28
I will call you as soon as I get home today. In the photo section, check out the card and potholder Courtney made me for Easter. I was so surprised. She got the loom in her Basket.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 08:49am on 03/28
Hey Kath, can you call me @ work and let me know how you made out at the dr. today? I'll say a prayer that this works for you and takes away the pain!
ccoriginal wrote
at 08:09am on 03/28
Tami wrote
at 11:02pm on 03/27
hi. we had a great time. i hope to get my pictures back soon so i can scrap them. the vacation seems so long ago and more snow coming our way tomorrow.
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 05:11pm on 03/27
Thanks so much! I just got on line and read my rally board first and saw you message whoooohooo gotta go check it out.
JanS wrote
at 02:22pm on 03/27
Thank you so much!! It might be tough going at first learning something new, but I just have a really good feeling about this! Have a great day!
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 11:48am on 03/27
Thanks! Glad you liked it.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 09:37pm on 03/23
Happy Easter, Kath!!
Lefa wrote
at 01:12pm on 03/21
Happy Easter!
ccoriginal wrote
at 12:01pm on 03/21
Tara Scrapper wrote
at 04:58pm on 03/20
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 03:44pm on 03/20
Thanks much for the TPs!
ethan wrote
at 02:56pm on 03/19
I haven't played many Wii games, but for absolute sure get Wii Play (for the extra controller) since it is a good tool for learning how to finesse the Wii remote. The tank game is fun on there. My wife got me Winter Sports Challenge, and I haven't played the whole thing yet but it looks great. Finally, I am completely craving Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. I watched preview videos last night and am stoked! It's really amazing. Anyway HTH!
scraps4two wrote
at 04:45pm on 03/18
just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments you made on my layouts!
rajah1116 wrote
at 02:44pm on 03/18
rajah1116 wrote
at 01:30pm on 03/18
So far so good, hopefully what is in their bellies stay in their bellies!
mrsdort wrote
at 01:10pm on 03/18
Thanks for the points today! You're so sweet to help me get to my goal :)
blairstreetgirl wrote
at 11:47am on 03/18
I did it last night, I just don't have it posted yet. I've got a pic of my response to the scum bags that put it in there in the first place and it's posting in the elevator. Great way to work out my anger!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 03:11am on 03/18
Hey Kath, I had to babysit, so I got home late. Then watched Dancing with the Stars. So I didn't get on here until late. But I did see your it!!
{Shirley} wrote
at 01:15am on 03/18
mindakms wrote
at 08:48pm on 03/17
Hi, my name is Mindakms (Minda) and I hate to be rude by picklesticks! You SO CAN have a vision and your style WILL change as you continue to grow in this artform. I spent years scraplifting one layout after another, and along the way it taught me a thing or two. Thank you for the complement, but you have just as much creative talent rolling around in there as I do, just keep at it girl! I love having you here, see ya around Tally!
my_3_reasons wrote
at 02:33pm on 03/17
Your welcome! Im glad you liked it!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
rajah1116 wrote
at 12:57pm on 03/17
Thanks chick! I have not won anything in forever, nothing here, but I mean IRL....I am soooo excited! LOL, I'm a dork.
LeahC wrote
at 05:21pm on 03/13
So happy we're friends! Thanks for the comment on my photo, Kathy :)
jlkeith18 wrote
at 02:34am on 03/13
I live in central PA near PSU main campus
rajah1116 wrote
at 10:19pm on 03/12
I have recently cut down on embellishments, using more stamps and simple rub ons....loving buttons and foam cut outs....I don't know, I am not so good, but that's what I do. Oh and I am all about the page maps!
rajah1116 wrote
at 10:04pm on 03/12
Thanks, I am saving plenty, trust me, I have been an inspired fool lately! I actually will be uploading some more here shortly, thanks for looking chick!
LeahC wrote
at 07:35pm on 03/12
aww Kate sounds so sweet. How old is she?
SueScraps2 wrote
at 02:21am on 03/12
I have an idea for a layout for you to do for the Happiness Is challenge. Happiness is: having Tinka and Sue on Tally. LOL
Now you just have to get Louise on here too!
SueScraps2 wrote
at 02:18am on 03/12
I didn't get to upload anything tonite. Was working on those baby shower favors.
SueScraps2 wrote
at 02:16am on 03/12
I'm glad Tinka joined!
TemperanceBones wrote
at 12:08am on 03/12
Hey girl! Thanks for the swap items and extras. Love the thickers! I got the package in the mail today! :)
rajah1116 wrote
at 03:22pm on 03/10
You are very welcome for the's a beautiful card! The elbow is good, have not played in a day or two, so healing nicely! LOL
ccoriginal wrote
at 08:20pm on 03/06
rajah1116 wrote
at 05:17pm on 03/06
Yeah, it shipped, when did you order yours? I ordered mine like thursday last week....
Tqmnurse wrote
at 01:33am on 03/06
OMG!!!! you really used your own wedding bands on the layout....WOW!!!!!!!!! I am impressed...but what a great idea....
AmandaO wrote
at 11:02pm on 03/04
Hey!! You can use any Rusty Pickle Products, as long as your layout is 80% RP, you are good to go :). No color combo required for the challenge. Cant wait to see your entry.
rajah1116 wrote
at 09:24pm on 03/04
OMG....MY new game is AWESOME! We play it all the time! Actually, I think I may have Wii elbow!
ccoriginal wrote
at 07:14pm on 03/04
great idea about toothbrush thank you.
ccoriginal wrote
at 05:01pm on 03/04
sounds like fun to try thank you need to get a spray bottle first do you use pure bleach or water it down?
TallySmooth wrote
at 01:00am on 03/04
Thank you, I am very excited about it!
Smooth Tally
Cflattop wrote
at 05:07pm on 03/02
kathy....girl I am getting lots of cool scraps send out tomorrow!!!! keep an eye out...Staci
Tracey Locher wrote
at 05:27pm on 02/27
Thank you for your comments on my "Thank You" card! I hadn't thought about the inking looking like dirt until you mentioned it, but it does... cool view point!! :-) Have a WONDERFUL day!!!
Shan wrote
at 10:18pm on 02/26
your comment on my philly layout made my day. we had the BEST time there. there are definitely more pages that will come out of this trip!
rajah1116 wrote
at 01:26am on 02/21
Thanks for the points and comments on my daughter's eyes layout...much appreciated!
ccoriginal wrote
at 01:19am on 02/21
rajah1116 wrote
at 03:49pm on 02/19
dropping in to say hello!
kammie wrote
at 02:00am on 02/18
they are very cool dimensional stickers (I have all alphas)---you can find them in the store here at TS--they are very cool!
pinkiemarie wrote
at 10:29pm on 02/14
Never knew about the convention....the winter is tough since all I want to do in ride my snowmobile. BUT...I would love to plan to get together and go. Keep in touch.
gab423 wrote
at 07:54pm on 02/13
Thank you for the Spotlight! You made my day!!!
lbettis wrote
at 01:22am on 02/04
Good evening, Hope you've had a great day. Thanks for the tp's.
skrapgirl wrote
at 04:46am on 02/01
I'm sorry....I totally forgot to tell you that I got your envelope!!!! I'm lovin' all the goodies that you sent!...can't wait to use some this weekend!! I'll be getting your envie in the mail before the weekend is over!! Thanks so much again....I love it all!
my_3_reasons wrote
at 02:34pm on 01/28
Thanks for the friend request!!
ccoriginal wrote
at 02:10pm on 01/21
ccoriginal wrote
at 01:24pm on 01/20
nancy_scraps wrote
at 03:27am on 01/20
I hope my idea helps you with the paper. I love coming to Tally to get ideas for new product I've bought.
THanks for commenting.
scarlettscrappe wrote
at 01:46am on 01/20
I would love to be your friend!
suzuyuki wrote
at 11:17pm on 01/19
ccoriginal wrote
at 08:40pm on 01/19
Shan wrote
at 01:41pm on 01/15
welcome to TS!
pinkiemarie wrote
at 09:56pm on 01/11
Hey Little Windy...thanks for the welcome!
DillyDallyTally wrote
at 05:52pm on 01/11
Thanks for the nice comments on my trifold cards.
kammie wrote
at 05:22pm on 01/11
Charlee wrote
at 04:30pm on 01/11
Oh...Please DO add me! :)
Charlee wrote
at 03:33pm on 01/11
HI Kathy! Sounds like your hubby is a GREAT one...and I LOVE your avatar!! :) It's nice to meet you!
{Shirley} wrote
at 06:08pm on 01/10
We are friends!!
click "view all" next to where it says Tally Friends!
Laurajean wrote
at 05:46pm on 01/10
Welcome Kathy....thanks for the tallypoints on my layouts!!!!! Your gonna love it here!!!
dori510 wrote
at 05:40pm on 01/10
ccoriginal wrote
at 12:37pm on 01/10
baby card was pp, icolor pens, ribbon, stickers and glitter I use everything I can get my hands on to play with on my cards and layouts thanks for your interest.
ccoriginal wrote
at 12:33pm on 01/10
welcome to tally I know you will love it here
ccoriginal wrote
at 12:32pm on 01/10
thank you for the sweet comments on my get well card.
{Shirley} wrote
at 12:49am on 01/10
latte_grande wrote
at 06:08pm on 01/09
Thanks for your sweet comment on my Happy Turtle card! You can find the instructions on the tri-fold card technique in the TallyBlog (the last of the three pink tabs at the top of the page). Just scroll down until you see "Tri-Fold Card or Bust Technique"...have fun creating and welcome to Tally!!
moon16 wrote
at 10:38pm on 01/06
welcome to tally!
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